Sunday, May 10, 2015

Milk & Honey

I recently browsed the Sugar app and saw a deal for the Milk & Honey parfait at $4 (UP $8.80), so I decided to ask Sa along to redeem the deal! (If not it's a bit lame for me to go all the way there for a cup of yoghurt that I can't finish on my own anyway ^_^")

There has been so many of such shops popping up.. I have difficulties differentiating them, especially when their names are so similar (and they also mostly sell the same thing)!? Honey Creme.. Milk & Honey.. Milk Cow.. Still got what milk and what honey!? 

Very simple and clean menu! But whoa, their stuff are so expensive! O_O

The store interior is so yellow (which I think is really cute!)

We got the Royal Honey in the deal!

Looks really good!

But it's damn sweet.. Hahahaha. But I really enjoyed the yoghurt! The crunchy crumble tastes like the baby biscuit, the jelly just tastes like honey. The popcorn was a bit lao hong and too sweet. We didn't bother trying the orange chip, it looks horribly sweet hahaha.

Destroyed it. I think the honey parfait (that triangular looking thing) looks weird hahahaha. (The yoghurt is hollow inside though, sian)

Sa is having her exams these coming weeks, so I won't be seeing her for awhile. It's her last examination until she graduates from SIM! Gosh, time flies. It has been 9 years since I've known her and she's gonna be graduating this year. Omg. It's gonna be my turn next year this time! O_O

The Laneway Market

It's Mother's Day but nobody is in Singapore :( Everybody went on holiday (Bangkok.. Japan.. USA..) and I'm home alone for the weekend, so I decided to grab brunch with Sa today! She always wanted to try the food at The Laneway Market near Tanjong Katong, so we headed there this morning!

It was so difficult to find street parking so we parked at the public car park opposite (next to the gas station). Pretty convenient because it's just across the road!
Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the place (I forgot about it oops, too excited about the food). It's a really cosy place with a nice interior design!

Not feeling very well but I just wanted to try their latte heh! Iced latte with soy milk! Their soy milk is an additional charge of $0.90, so I was asking what kind of soy milk they use. They use Silk!! ♡♡♡ So yeah.. Although it's probably cheaper to get my Silk fix from the supermarket (though also very overpriced as compared to in US grrrrr) but still, I wanted to have it heheh. It was waaaay smaller than I expected though! The soy milk masked the taste of the coffee, so I couldn't really taste it. They have a house blend which I noticed only after ordering. I can't wait to go back and try it!

I got the Dashi Risotto which is REALLY good. I honestly don't know how a "good" risotto is supposed to taste, but it's so damn delicious! 

"Arborio rice cooked in stock of kombu and dried bonito, bay scallops, thyme infused mushrooms, sous vide egg"

Filled with mushrooms, a runny egg in the center, fried mushrooms (I think those are mushrooms) on the side, topped with dried bonito flakes. Mmmhmm!

Sa got their French Toast, which she said was pretty well reviewed by many. (Although she didn't finish it because she was too full hahaha)

I finished the my risotto because I reaaally enjoyed it! ^_^" (I left the greens though, they were really bitter) Mmmmm runny eggs make any dish look good.

I'm gonna recommend this place for the next family brunch! Can't wait!

Sunday, May 03, 2015

PARK @ Holland Village

Every week when I ask if we're having brunch, my parents will ask me to decide where to go... It's quite a chore for me because I haven't been keeping up with what's new and what's nice recently ever since I started my internship. I'm so drained everyday I just want to go back and sleep after work.. The cycle repeats from Monday to Friday. During the weekends I feel damn nua also, I just want to stay home and laze. Oh goodness I really sound damn lazy... ^_^" I guess it's a good way for me to save money also? Lol, I have more income from my internship and I don't have the energy to go out and spend it. (Though I'm admittedly spending much more time online shopping oooops)

So anyway.. Raymond is like a crazy cafĂ© hopper of some sorts and he's always exploring new places to eat. Whenever we need to look for places to eat we'll ask him on the group chat "Eh where should I go for nice tze char ah? Nice place for waffles? Any nice Jap food?" Lololol. We even nicknamed him our "ladyironray" HAHAHA. So I asked him for suggestions on where to go and he suggested a few places, including PARK at Holland Village! I heard the truffle fries there are really good, so I suggested that place and we headed down for brunch in the afternoon!

Very convenient, located steps away from the MRT exit!

We had to wait for a seat because it was packed when we got there at noon. (Daaamn, should've made a reservation!) But anyway, we left our names and requested for them to give us a call when there was a seat, and we took a walk around the area. Afterwards I realized they don't usually have the "leave name down and call later" practice. Whew, guess we got lucky with one of the nice staff! :)

Menu printed on kraft paper! I like some simple menus as compared to the expensive huge booklet kinds.

Skinny iced latte for me (they have no soy milk), and Iced Matcha Milk for Jaz (daaaamn sweet. I couldn't taste the matcha at all)

I like the table top!

We ordered sooooo much food our bellies were all exploding by the end of it hahaha. Their portions are pretty huge and very shareable in my opinion.
Bangers & Mash

Sausages on top of mashed potatoes, topped with caramelized onions. Huuuge portion! Grandma had this and she only finished two sausages (and even shared it with us)

Crispy Juicy Chicken Honey Oat Burger

Fried chicken on honey oat bun and mashed potatoes on the side

PARK Big Breakfast

Eggs, toast, potatoes, bacon, mushrooms, sausage and greens

Truffle fries!
Very very fragrant and good! Though I felt the fries were a bit hollow? Probably because they were cooked too long.

Escargot on Garlic Bread

This is just meh. I think there were mushrooms together with the escargot, but I couldn't tell which is which, they all tasted the same to me O_O And the garlic bread because soggy, I thought it would be served separately

Truffle Mac & Cheese for me!

Small portion (probably the length of my palm) but just right to fill my belly and even to share. It gets a bit gerlat after a while, but the brother was really enjoying it to the last macaroni. The truffle oil can only be tasted in the baked cheese layer on top, not so much in the cream. But it's still pretty good!

Oooooozing cheese. It's filled with ham too!

Whenever we have brunch at these places with nicely plated food, the brother gets damn sian about it, because we'll all be taking pictures. He'll be so grumpy and half-sulking (especially if he's really hungry) and complaining that we're being annoying. HAHA. My parents asked if his girlfriend would do this, and he said thank goodness, no. Well... Too bad! Hahahahaha. I'm so glad Chris doesn't get all grumpy when I do this ^_^

By the way, PARK is featuring their truffle fries on the Sugar app, the price on the menu is $11++, and I managed to get it on the app for $4.40! It's still pretty expensive though, I once saw it at $2.60! If you've never heard of Sugar, it's basically like Groupon but you use credits (which you can top up with your credit card) to purchase deals on the app, and redeem it within 7 days. It's kinda like a game of demand and supply if you ask me. Every morning, the deals reset and there's a limited number of "coupons" for each deal. There's an option to buy or "skim". Whenever someone skims a deal, the price goes down by $0.20! So the more people skim, the more the price drops! It's a pretty smart way to get people to share the deals, and it kinda adds like a gamification element to the whole concept of such deals websites. It's pretty fun! The only downside is that the deal has to be redeemed within a week, which is a pretty short time. Then again, it's a good strategy because it increases the chances of people not redeeming their deals bought. I enjoy browsing the app to pass time and helping people skim all the deals. HAHA my friends say I'm too nice, but why not!?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

La Nonna @ Holland Village

Jess, Jordan, Ben Moh and I had a finals today. We took NM2302 (Mobility & New Media) together and it's our last paper today! For Jordan, it's his last paper as an undergraduate, and that explains...

...why we waited for the exam to end (although we all left early) for him to run back in for a last picture at MPSH hahahaha.

So, for a much-needed after semester "celebration", we decided to head for lunch! I planned to have lunch only with Jess after the paper, but since they were there as well we decided to all go for lunch together! Some of us had to come back to school afterwards for various reasons, we decided to go somewhere nearby. Made our way down to Holland Village and Jordan and Ben decided to dine at La Nonna. I've never been there, nor have I ever heard of it (much to their horror). When I admitted that I've seldom been to HV Jordan was even more shocked.

"But it's so near"

I know, but there's no reason for me to go there.. Hahahaha #nosociallife

We got there too early (they only open at 12PM) so we walked around the area and hid in Cold Storage to escape the heat lol. I would assume they're pretty popular because within 20 minutes of opening, the inside seating area was already full! Whoa.

Maybe it's because of their 1 for 1 lunch special as well. That's why we were there in the first place hahaha, just nice for the four of us!

La Nonna
26/26B Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277685

One reason why I love Italian restaurants, freshly baked bread! (But ugh, as the Sis will say when she sees this: BREAD IS EVIL!!!!!!!!)

Jess got the lagsana. The meat is very dry but very flavorful. It's like even though you can find a huge fault with the dish, you can't not eat it because it tastes good.

Ben & I got "Linguine" - Linguine Pasta served with Crab Meat in Tomato Cream sauce and Basil ($25++)

Jordan got the Nera pizza - Squid Ink, Tomato, Mozzarella, Prawns, Scallops and Calamari.

He'll probably kill me if he sees this picture lolol

With the 1 for 1 deal, we each paid ~$15 for the meal! Mmmm super worth it! I enjoyed my dish so much! I tried both Jess' and Jordan's dishes and they were both good as well! I can't wait to go back to try the other items on their menu! (Hai why must Italian food be so full of carbs!? But soooo yummy)

So yes!! It's the end of finals! Although I don't feel the sense of liberation maybe because.. I still have 2 months of internships plus tons of reports to complete along the way. Daaaaaaamn. My Y3S2 hasn't ended yet :(

One last picture with Jessica, because we forgot about a group shot until we were on the MRT woops.